I began creating video games at a very young age, which naturally progressed into exploring the fields of design, art, and programming. Since then, I have produced and released several video games and websites. I have a genuine passion for all things creative and love the prospect of telling a story and setting a mood through my projects.

I am a quick learner and I am constantly looking for ways to better my crafts. I am co-founder of my own video game studio, Yeti Trunk, where I remotely managed a small team of fantastic people.

Game Projects Web Projects

Game Projects


2015 - current

Designer, Artist, Coder

Bugbusters is an open-world shooter where players try to unravel the abnormal occurrences around a small town. Still in development.

Wanderlust Adventures

2012 - 2015

Game Design, Lead Art, Web Design

Wanderlust Adventures is an online, free-roaming, open world, action adventure RPG. Join fellow heroes online, explore vast and deadly landscapes, and capture companions to aid you in your quest.



Art Design & Art

Puckbang is a fast-paced, action-arcade game for all ages! Easy to learn and play, but challenging twitch-style gameplay awaits those who compete for the highest score!



UI Design

GUBS is the single-player adaptation of the award-winning family card game. Players can enjoy a fast-paced, hilarious game filled with all sorts of creative card combinations.

Frisbee Forever 2


Models & Textures

Frisbee Forever 2 is a challenging Frisbee game where players must navigate the large landscapes to reach the finish line.

Bullet Time


Freelance Models & Textures

Bullet Time is a dual-stick shooter designed to test your skills. Join players in this gritty world as they try to shoot their way to the top.



Freelance Models & Textures

Gaardspillet is a farming game for the iOS.

Wanderlust Rebirth

2006 - 2011

Game Design, Lead Art, Web Design

Wanderlust: Rebirth is an online four player co-op arcade-action RPG set in the fantasy world, Valandria.

Other Works

Maya & Photoshop

Various original works.

Web Projects


2012 - 2015

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Eduhero is an online professional development website for educators to earn their yearly required credits. I programmed several back-end features, including accounts, admin tools, course uploading/creating, dynamic reports, payments, course player, subscription system, user management, groups, and much more.

Wanderlust Adventures


HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript

Designed and created the layout, as well as a dynamic back-end server list for online matchmaking.

Yeti Trunk


HTML, CSS, Javascript

My company website with interactive project boxes and a dynamic header.

BWA Video


HTML, CSS, Logo Design

Created the layout and functionality.

Bernhardt Winery



Created the layout and functionality. Coded the store page.

Wanderlust: Rebirth



Created the layout and functionality. Various PHP scripts that work side-by-side the game.

Women's Healthcare Affiliates



Created the layout and functionality.

Doogie Layouts

2007 - 2008

User Skins & Layouts

Created custom user skins and layouts.

Graphic Design

Photoshop & Illustrator

Various logos and graphic design projects.